Why Linen?

Linen is the world’s strongest natural fibre and is considered in Europe to be the most optimal material to sleep in. Its fibres are derived from the flax plant, which are then carefully spun into linen cloth. Linen has numerous benefits, beyond its obvious aesthetic appeal, luxurious feel and attractive drape.
The distinct loose weave of linen means that it attracts far less dust and allergens than cotton. Our linen is made to be breathable and hypo-allergenic, which is particularly important for little people because their lungs and skin are fresh to the world.
Linen has wonderful insulating properties. The fibres of the flax plant are hollow, which enables air to circulate freely. Linen responds to the season and adapts to changing weather conditions. It absorbs more moisture than other fabrics, trapping warmth in the colder months while helping keep you cool in the summer time.
Our linen is eco-friendly. The cultivation and manufacturing of flax requires far less water and energy than most other fibres, including cotton.
Durability and longevity
One of the best elements of linen is its perfect balance between longevity and its capacity to develop wonderful softness over time.
Linen is also extremely durable, being 30% stronger than cotton. Cotton sheets last around 3-5 years before showing signs of wear. Linen fabric, however, is really only starting to shine after 3 years of usage. It becomes even softer and more supple through use and washing. The process of ‘stonewashing’ softens the linen and removes excess fibres, providing a great foundation for ongoing softness to develop with every wash. Unlike cotton, linen when cared for correctly has the potential to last up to 20-30 years before needing to be replaced.
This means that there is no need to continually replace your bed sheets, causing unnecessary environmental waste. Our linen is made to be durable so it will retain its freshness when passed onto siblings and friends.